Chicago Roof Deck in Crain’s Magazine - Rooftop Gardens in the Winter

You're thinking about your outdoor space all wrong... While Chicago Roof decks are great in the summer, they can be just as fun to use in the spring, fall, or even winter...

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Q&A: “Much more than Green Roofs” with Omni Ecosystems

This past week, we had the chance to talk all things "Green Roofs" (and much more) with one of the leaders in green roof technology, Chicago Based, Omni Ecosystems LLC . They so kindly shared with us some of their expertise and knowledge of this quickly expanding portion of our industry.

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9 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Contractor

We get it, hiring a contractor can be a daunting task. Even for homeowners with lots of experience in renovation projects finding the right person at the right price can be a challenge.

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Best Hotel Roof Decks in The World

The Best Hotels are those with the Best Outdoor Spaces. If you have the travel bug and are looking for some hot spots to stay at, here is a list of 10 that we would highly recommend based on their outdoor credentials.

Posted Feb 14, 2017 in Inspiration, Outdoor Living
Check out how using Synlawn can transform this once boring urban rooftop!

One of our favorite Urban Rooftops on Sheffield

Check out how using Synlawn can transform this once boring urban rooftop!

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Great Urban Rooftop deck in Chicago.  See how to transform an ordinary space into something truly special with custom fit and finishes.

Top tips to creating an Urban Rooftop

See what these landscape architects in Chicago do to create the best urban rooftops!

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Rooftop Garden Nomenclature

What's the difference between a Pergola and a Veranda? Trellis vs Arbor? Oh, and what the heck is Ipe?!? Enjoy our crash-course on Rooftop Garden Nomenclature.

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Let there be light, but not too much.

Mood lighting is for college dorms and strip clubs, not roof decks. For your rooftop garden, you want to highlight focal elements and create some visibility. Pretty simple. Check out our tips for the perfect lighting of your urban rooftop.

Posted Jan 26, 2017 in Chicago Roof Deck, Outdoor Living, Philosophy

4 Points to Determine if you need an Architect for your Roof Deck

Wondering whether you need to invest in hiring a Roof Deck Architect? Before you do, it helps to know a little bit about the process, and consider some things to determine whether it might be worth the cost before you start to build your dream rooftop garden.

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